The bottom line: I went to Pip Edwards to do self tapes for three important auditions, and I got all of them. As an experienced actor and acting coach myself, I'm pretty selective about who I'll trust to give me the kind of feedback that can help take my performance in a self test from OK or good to one that can book me the job. I've taught and coached Pip in the past and I love doing self tapes with her because she's got a great eye for what's working and what could be improved, she's a terrific actor herself and she's an honest, supportive, intuitive and informed coach. I highly recommend her. -Anthony Brandon Wong

"Pip has this... uncanny ability to make an actor feel relaxed in front of the camera. Fear disappears in her presence. I would not have been cast in a number of roles including  “Truth”  (Cate Blanchett/Robert Redford) or Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” if not for her.” - Philip Quast

"Pip is absolutely incredible! I worked with her on my drama school audition material, and it was one of the best moves I made in my training- I got into WAAPA. She is a dedicated & insightful mentor, and her methods encourage a much deeper & authentic connection to the character. Not very often do you stumble upon a mentor as kind & passionate as Pip!" - Alex Dilley

"Pip's lighting and camera set up is the best Ive ever scene. A subtle, warm, well-lit setup. Very helpful and flattering to showcase acting. " -Erin Connor

“Pip is the ideal audition and acting coach because not only is she extremely generous with her time, knowledge and advice, she is also straight to the point and very honest with her feedback. As an actor, it is so important to be given direct feedback because anything else is a waste of time and not productive. Pip gave me SO much information on auditions and selftapes, I now know the exact quality and standard required for any self tapes as well as in person auditions.” - Lavina White

"So much valuable information and advice. My screen technique improved massively and she helped heaps with the practical technicalities of getting our screen tests together. Great personalised advice on individual goals, she has a lovely energy as a mentor. Would definitely recommend." - Clare Oehme

"Pip Edwards is a talented and experienced actor who mentors her students in a caring and professional way. Her extensive knowledge of the acting industry allows Pip to provide valuable insights into future business and career pathways for her clients. I have been working with Pip for a year now and wholeheartedly recommend her as an acting/career coach.” - Alina Bellchambers

“My 14yo son Damian has been having private coaching sessions with Pip where she has worked with him on various scripts and helped him prepare for casting calls and filmed self-tapes for castings, for which he has had call-backs for some and for others he has been awarded the role. Damian greatly enjoys working with Pip as she helps him with how to better understand the character(s) he is portraying and she challenges him with a wide variety of scripts which is helping him grow and develop into a diverse actor.” - Adele Hempstead (mother of Damian, age 14)

After 14 years away I learned more about the acting business in Sydney and self taping in 4 weeks, than I could have in a year by myself! I was always scared of self taping and now I am confident & enjoy the process. Pip is amazing ! She is open, real, kind and very informative. I highly recommend her. - David Albiero

“Working with Pip has been amazing. She has helped me with a number of self tapes, auditions and training in general, and each time she has helped me discover new things about myself as a person and an Actor. Pip helps you break down walls and work through fears. She helps you find courage, it's magical. Pip is a kind, knowledgeable and generous teacher and mentor. She genuinely cares about her students and is genuinely very passionate about what she does. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend her training to all Actors who are looking to push themselves, get out of their comfort zones, test their boundaries and discover new things about themselves and their work.” - Kya Stewart

“Pip showed me how the seemingly most simple and subtle things in acting can make the biggest difference. I was able to deliver an emotionally stronger performance after working with her for a few weeks. She was instrumental in my acceptance to ACA.” - Will Manton

“As a student of Pip Edwards I have benefited greatly from her focused approach and belief in achieving a truthful performance. Pip has given me the tools I need to reach my acting potential through clear script analysis techniques, physical and emotional exercises and the skills to achieve honest storytelling. Pip's mentorship has been invaluable as it has increased my confidence in tackling this profession. Her knowledge of the industry has been extremely useful when preparing for auditions, a role or approaching castings. I can highly recommend Pip as a fantastic tutor and industry professional.” - Emily Potts

“When I met Pip I could immediately tell that she was down to earth, a lot of fun but would also push me to my limits as an actor and help break through those limits. Working with Pip allowed me to identify my weaknesses and turn them into strengths, increase my vulnerabilities and take down my defences. She can help you grow as an actor and always hold you accountable for your efforts so that your success is in your hands. With her help I gained acceptance into the full time conservatory program at the Atlantic Acting School in New York.  Working with Pip is an absolute treat and anyone would be lucky to have her.” - Alexandra Rigby

“I was lucky enough to be a part of Pip's first ‘Get Your Sh*t Together! ‘masterclass and I learnt a great deal about the industry and selftaping from her. Pip has an amazing knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be a successful actor in Australia (and the US) and I was grateful for the wisdom she imparted in a short space of time. Her approach was soft yet challenging and encouraged me to work harder at my craft and at the business of being an actor. I'd recommend Pip to anyone wanting to take the next step in their career.” - Lisa Robinson

“Pip has an easy way of helping you become the best you can be - taking accountability for your own destiny”       - Johann Silva

'Pip Edwards is a ‘no-bull-s***’ person, in the best possible way. She is intensely passionate about sharing knowledge, experience and skills. Her workshops are accessible and informative. Her honesty and passion is infectious. You can never have enough of her.’ - Anthony Finch

“Pip’s talk was amazingly insightful, so much useful information. I love her relaxed yet highly intelligent way of communicating.” - Anonymous feedback from MEAA workshop

"Pip's has this infectious energy, and humour that makes it so much fun. I highly recommend her” - Tanya Clark-Hill