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As a speaker, Pip has motivated groups of people into action. 

Pip’s interactive, practical and passionate approach is aimed at empowering and inspiring creatives and businesses to achieve their goals with honesty, curiosity and courage.

Pip’s unique breadth of training and experience includes acting, coaching, teaching, casting, filmmaking, small-business and arts management, entrepreneurship, health and wellness. 

Pip personalises her workshops and talks to match participants’ needs.

Pip has been host/presenter on a number of live and recorded events, panel discussions and programs.

Pip’s style is authentic, open, inspiring with a great sense of fun. She has a genuine passion for engaging with people and communities.


“Pip has an easy way of helping you become the best you can be - taking accountability for your own destiny” -Johann Silva

'Pip Edwards is a ‘no-bull-s***’ person, in the best possible way. She is intensely passionate about sharing knowledge, experience and skills. Her workshops are accessible and informative. Her honesty and passion is infectious. You can never have enough of her.’ - Anthony Finch

“Pip’s talk was amazingly insightful, so much useful information. I love her relaxed yet highly intelligent way of communicating.” - Anonymous feedback from MEAA workshop

"Pip's has this infectious energy, and humour that makes it so much fun. I highly recommend her” - Tanya Clark-Hill